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Some important points to pay attention to when exchanging links

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In the site seo optimization work, links have also been playing a very big role, and it is necessary to do for a new station。But in the exchange of links with other webmasters, there are some things that are necessary to pay attention to, nextXining website optimizationThe company will give you a detailed introduction about the exchange of links need to pay attention to some points。

1, relevance: the exchange of links must be related to the industry, if your website is electronic products, the exchange of the website is the clothing industry, for the search engine is very unfriendly。

3, included: You can use the relevant webmaster tools to check the site's inclusion, mainly look at the site's snapshot update time, the closer the better。You can also check whether the website has a record, keyword ranking and other basic information。

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4, content viewing: the content of some websites may be illegal, but we may not see, at this time we need to check this website, turn a few pages of content, see if there is any illegal title content, as well as the identification of dangerous websites, if there is no exchange。

5, PR value: Check the PR value of the exchange website, to the same level as yourself, although the PR value is not as important as before, but you can also do a reference option。

6, the number of friends of the other party chain: Generally as long as the other party's friend chain does not exceed 20, we can choose to exchange, if more than you need to consider it。Because the more links the other side exchanges, the lower the weight the site gives you。

In short, when we choose exchange websites, we must look carefully, do not exchange those websites that take half a day to open, and find websites that have not been punished by search engines and have good website reputation。

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