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Novice webmaster when the station is easy to appear what mistakes

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Novice webmaster when building a station is easy to take uncertain attention, but also easy to make mistakes, mainly reflected in what aspects?antecedentXining website constructionLet's take a look at the company。

Website positioning ambiguity

Many novice webmasters in the construction of the station, the preliminary work is not done, such as what kind of website to build, what is the theme of the website, etc., not determined, began to build the station, this blind site leads to frequent changes in the next site title, description and keywords, which is a big mistake in the construction of the station。Baidu on the new station itself has an investigation period, repeatedly modified is not conducive to Baidu's inclusion, each change, the search engine will re-examine a site that has been included, if you want to change the title, there will be a risk of lowering the right, so the webmaster before the site should be positioned well。

Website overembellishment

Xining website construction

Novice webmaster after the site is built, always feel that it is not good where poor, constantly make adjustments, and spend a lot of time and energy on the modification of the site。I believe that many novice webmasters have had such an experience, even the whole station has changed, and continue to modify, the results do not know what kind of page is good。As everyone knows, what is the use of a good-looking website without traffic。

Instead of wasting energy on the website modification, it is better to learn more about the essentials of website operation, put more effort in optimization and promotion, and update some original articles。When we build a website, we must focus on the operation of the website in order to give return。

Can't wait to put ads on the site

There are many novice webmasters in the site has just been built after the late launch of advertising, eager to immediately have advertising revenue。The new station is not recommended to advertise, search engines do not like you to do so, especially the home page, do not put ads, keep the page fresh and neat。

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