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Enterprise website construction to do what?Website construction choose enterprise

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How, how to do a business website construction?

One: Clear goals, frame ideas

Before building the website, we must first clarify what the purpose of the enterprise website is and what to expect the enterprise official website to do?

Two: strategy analysis

After determining the goal of the website, it is necessary to start the target audience analysis (what to do on the enterprise website, what is the point of interest), and its own status analysis (how the brand influence is, how the product line is, how the service level is, how the industry rivals are doing;

Three: Make a plan。

After comprehensive strategy analysis, we need to clarify what we want to do (requirements definition) and how to achieve it

Four: Project implementation

After the clear implementation plan, it is necessary to develop the website architecture, and start creative design, content organization, program development and other work。Step 5: Maintenance and improvement

After the website is launched, there are more important work: operation and maintenance, data monitoring, and result tracking。In this way, a closed loop can be formed to promote the continuous, stable and forward development of the website

According to the actual needs to determine the website function, and then do the details of the planning。Or CALL ME。

What to do after the completion of the enterprise website construction?

Why is that??It is not that the enterprise does not pay attention to the construction of the website, but does not know what to do after the completion of the website。Why do companies make websites?In our communication with customers, we found that the original intention of many companies to build websites is to do online sales, and another chunk is to show their corporate image。As for how to do online sales, most companies know to do Baidu's ranking, Google's bidding, in addition, a small number of companies know that website SEO can help promote。Do bidding ranking is relatively simple, pay money to the search engine, and then submit a batch of keywords, the corporate website can be displayed in the search engine advertising area immediately。However, the problem will come soon, after a period of time, some companies originally expected orders did not arrive as scheduled, which makes enterprises rather disappointed。I spent money on advertising, hoping to bring in orders, bring in profits, but the result was the opposite。Of course, there are also a small number of enterprises have economic strength, out of the search engine, but also in the portal website, industry website to submit online advertising, and some will also consult companies for network publicity planning。Why is online promotion not as effective as expected?It's a problem that plagues many businesses。Let's change the subject and talk about Bi Fu Jianbi's "Avenue of Stars".。Many of the handsome men and women who can walk on the Avenue of Stars have unique skills, especially from the weekly competition, the monthly competition to the annual competition, the more and more, we find that the comprehensive strength of the participants is stronger。The winner must have a prominent advantage in one aspect, and the comprehensive ability of the player is very strong。Behind the scenes of these players is their own kung fu after years of training, or interest and cultivation。Before stepping on the stage, there should be on-site guidance from the director, so as to fully show their strengths and advantages, and achieve a relatively good performance on the stage, and win points for themselves。Think about these contestants, for the success of the stage is paid a lot of hard work and effort。Then we go back to the network promotion effect just discussed, the effect of network promotion is like the results achieved by players on the stage, which must be a combination of comprehensive advantages in many aspects in order to succeed。After the completion of the construction of the enterprise website, what should the enterprise do?This is the core issue I want to discuss today。Enterprises do a website, is to show customers, which requires enterprises to be clear what to show customers, to understand the psychology of customers, according to the core issues of customer concern expressed on the website。Many companies that do bidding are not effective, because the core of the expression is not found, the customer is clicked into the corporate website, but did not find what he needs, not because the company does not, but because the company does not clearly display what the customer needs on the website。This is an existing and fatal problem。Second, the problem is customer experience。This issue is complex, there is no fixed rule, the standard is the acceptance of customers。Some corporate websites, customers will visit a lot of pages, and some just look at the home page and leave, which shows the difference in website affinity。Therefore, improving the customer experience is an issue that needs to be seriously studied。Third, the timely update of information。Microsoft said, I am only 18 months away from bankruptcy forever, then as a corporate website, how long away from being abandoned by customers?Certainly not 18 months so long, the pace of life in the Internet era is very fast, if your information is not updated in time, it may be abandoned by customers in 18 days, and it will be alienated by search engines, which is a double loss。Therefore, it is necessary to update the content of the website regularly or irregularly to keep the website active。What else to do?Of course, there are many, for example, like a woman's makeup, every day to carefully clean up their face, the website is also, to the art often do some revision, not necessarily a big change, in some details of the embellishment, may let the customer eyes and ears。

What preparations do enterprises need to make before building a website?

The preparatory work for the construction of the website is very important, which determines the purpose of your website, as well as the future maintenance of the website, so that your website can play a role is quite important。Be sure to prepare your website before you design it。

First of all, it is necessary to understand why an enterprise should carry out corporate website construction?At present, there are roughly the following purposes: to establish the image of the enterprise on the network;Promote the company's products and services;Provide service and support to various customers through the Internet;Carry out e-commerce, thus expanding the market of enterprises。Is it functional or display?Style positioning should be accurate,Functional type yes,The site may not be suitable for large images in the art design,In the data function is more powerful,Like search,Membership registration,Generally, large enterprise networks, shopping networks, large portals, dating networks, etc., are functional,If it's a show type,This type of site may mostly pursue visual beauty,The functional requirements are not high。That on the artist, the design must have a strong visual sense。This kind of website is generally used in the beauty industry, female products, clothing and so on。

Second, identify the site's market, that is, "for whom"。For different purposes, there will be different market considerations。For example, the site is mainly to establish a corporate image, the consideration of visitors will be less, and for the purpose of promoting products and services and contact customers for the site, there will be more hope that existing users and latent users visit。At this time, we are considering the needs of these target visitors, only by providing targeted website information content, in order to better attract visitors。If visitors care more about after-sales service than the price of the product, the website should be more exaggerated after-sales service content。

At the same time, we need to attract users to visit the station, which must have a unique advantage over competitors to attract people's attention。At this time, we should conduct a more detailed analysis of the site of the competition to see what kind of content they provide, for the access object and what inequality we have, etc., through such analysis, we can be more clear about our strengths and weaknesses, so as to avoid weaknesses。In fact, the analysis of competitor sites should run through the construction process of the entire enterprise site, through all the analysis to absorb their strengths and avoid their weaknesses

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